CrossFit Teens

About Our Program

CrossFit Teens is an opportunity for both new and experienced athletes, Ages 12-17, to focus on strength and conditioning. All classes utilize specifically designed programming under the supervision of a CrossFit Teens Coach. Every movement is performed with skill progression in mind, so this class is open to ALL fitness levels!

Programming for the teen class is a variation of our adult program; however, the expectation on the teens is different. With our teen program, there is an increased emphasis on safety of movement, as well as consistent demonstration of proper technique and mechanics. The safety of our athletes is of the utmost importance and our goal is to support them in making gains across a broad range of physical fitness.

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  • Develop confidence in both themselves and their body
  • Build strength, speed, endurance, balance, coordination
  • Discover a love for fitness
  • Gain body awareness and hand-eye coordination for sport development
  • Get fit, have fun!

Program Atmosphere

Equally as important as developing their physical capacity, we strive to create a positive and healthy space for Defined teens to spend time with their friends and build self-confidence.

CFD is a strong community filled with members and coaches who are passionate about fitness and role model a healthy lifestyle. We are proud to offer a space where local teens can develop a sense of community with their peers, and learn to leave their egos at the door and feel empowered by their amazing capacity for growth!

A typical class involves the following components:

  • Warm-up & Mobility
  • Skill / Strength Work
  • Conditioning (WOD)
  • Recovery & Mobility

Feel free to email us with your interest and questions.

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