Failure Provides Opportunity

When working with a group of Depaul students (the Women’s Rugby Team, to be specific), I noticed a pretty incredible reaction to failure.

Their team Coach, Scuba Luke, brought them in to Defined for some team training, conditioning, squat work and mindset maintenance. At the start of the session, I intentionally set them up to fail. We played a game with a PVC pipe that almost guaranteed a fault in team communication, but their reaction was particularly astonishing…because it was 100% positive. They actually enjoyed it.

The first time they failed, they responded with curiosity.
The second time they failed, they replied with a few smirks.
The third time they failed, they fully responded to the challenge.
The fourth time they failed, they collectively rose to the occasion and stepped up.

They reminded me that: “Failure is an event, not a person.” – Zig Ziglar

But not everyone operates this way. In most cases, failure is purposely avoided as if it were a bad thing. However, failing offers a chance at confronting new challenges and the taking on of new opportunities. We need to openly relish this. Don’t chase comfort. Chase an opportunity at failure.

Consider that last time you failed: How did you react? Was it positive? Did you enjoy it? Did you quit? Additionally, what you have consistently avoided due to the potential for failure? Remember: we can learn from failing. We can’t learn from staying in a comfort zone.

Coach David