Adaptive Athletes

CrossFit Defined is developing an Adaptive Athlete Program, and the concept behind this initiative is simple: We want to increase accessibility to the health and fitness world to those folks that may require workout program modifications due to the need for adaptive equipment. Our method to increase accessibility, through Strongman and CrossFit training of course! The flexibility in movement variation and scalability within these two sports make them a perfect fit for all athletes, regardless of current ability or fitness level. Most importantly, the learning curve for engagement is both fast and enjoyable.

If you utilize adaptive equipment, such as a wheelchair, prosthesis, cane, or an orthosis (brace) and are wondering if Strongman and CrossFit Training is right for you, come on in and allow us to show you the possibilities. We will provide you with information and help adapt the workouts to your specific needs.

Our program will be lead by Coach Ben Welter, a long time strength training devotee and current Masters degree student at Northwestern – Prosthetics & Orthotics. Co-Captain of the program will be David Sutor, Strength Coach, Strongman, and Powerlifting competitor, and owner of CrossFit Defined. David has been in the health and fitness field for over twenty years and brings an endless level of knowledge and enthusiasm to the floor. Please register here to reserve your spot. Feel free to bring a friend as well. Additional inquiries can also be sent to

Movement Clinic Dates/Times.

  • Saturday, March 1oth from 11:30a – 1p for all upper and lower body prosthesis movers.
  • Sunday, March 11th from 11:30a – 1p for all wheelchair movers.