New to Defined

You’re one step closer to becoming the best version of YOU! Healthy, fit, strong and confident.  

Defined creates an athlete in everybody and if you’re like us, you can’t wait to begin! 

Your first step into our program is registering for one of our upcoming education/fundamentals sessions called “Foundations”.  These small group sessions begin every 2 weeks and consist of 6-8 new athletes.

Our next “Foundations” course begins on Sunday, March 17th.

Private or 1 on 1 “Foundations” with a Coach are always available if your schedule does not work for the group option or you are just looking for more of a private and personal start to the program.

We also host free “Lift & Learn” classes monthly for beginners with little to no experience.  You can register for a spot here.

If you would like to schedule a meeting to sit down and talk about our program or how to get started you can book a “No Sweat” Intro here.

What is “Foundations”?

The “Foundation” program builds a strong base of movement to prepare you both physically (and mentally) for life-long health and fitness.

In this two week, 8 sessions program you’ll learn the skills that make up the primary components of our training methodology at Defined.

The focus in our “Foundations” cover proper technique, form, mechanics and personal scaling for all movements including; body weight exercises, weightlifting technique, strength training, endurance, basic gymnastics, mobility, and recovery. The coaches will gradually add intensity to each class to properly prepare you for the group classes/training.

“Foundations” meet on Tuesday & Thursday at 8p, Friday at 7p and Sunday at 8a for a total of 8 sessions starting twice per month.

Who is “Foundations” for?

“Foundations” is for everybody.  It does not matter what your current fitness level is or how long you may have spent in the gym before coming to us.  Whether you have years of strength and conditioning training or you are embarking on your first training experience, the Foundation program is modified and optimized for your current level of fitness.

Email us to save your spot in one of our upcoming “Foundations”