Membership & Payment FAQs

Use this site to sign up for events and update membership billing. If you need to update your BoxJump account please click here. BoxJump is the app we use in the retail area for purchases, if you have questions with BoxJump please contact us at

Billing Q&A

What is Zen Planner?
Zen Planner allows athletes to manage and track all details of their membership online. Through Zen Planner, athletes have access to their billing records, are able to sign up for events, track class attendance, and update payment methods.

What is BoxJump?
All retail in the gym can be purchased through BoxJump. Using the iPad in the kitchen, athletes can quickly—and easily—purchase a last-minute snack! While all retail can be purchased through BoxJump, we do have a separate website for all CrossFit Defined apparel: And yes, we are able to ship apparel orders through this site!

How do I update my billing information for my “membership”?
Login to using your username and the password you selected when creating your account. Click on “Financial.” You should notice an option to “add account.” Click this to enter your new payment information—and be sure to select it as your “primary” method of payment. If you have any additional questions regarding this process, email Sarah at

I updated my credit card in Zen Planner. Why isn’t this reflected in my BoxJump account?
Zen Planner and BoxJump are not connected. To update your payment method in BoxJump, login to

What if I forgot my password?
Go to Zen Planner. Under the “sign in” option, you’ll notice a tab that reads, “Forgot password?” Click this and keep an eye on your email. Zen Planner will automatically send you a step-by-step process for resetting your password.

How do I sign-in for class? What if I forgot?
Please sign-in before each class on the iPad, at each gym. If you need assistance, just ask one of our coaches. Forgot to sign-in? No problem. Write your name on the clipboard in the kitchen, along with the respective date. You do not need to sign in before or pre-schedule what classes you come to.

If I have questions about my membership, whom do I contact?
Email Sarah at Please allow 24-48 hours for a response.