CFD Training Groups

CrossFit is the heart of all our training but sometimes we like to put a little more focus on a particular element of CrossFit.  Barbell training, gymnastics, running, rowing, olympic lifting, competition, powerlifting and speed training are just a small part of what we do at CFD but as we grow some of our coaches take a personal hold on certain movements and/or modalities.

If you are interested in developing a specific area of your training, please join one of these groups and contact the associated coach below.

Olympic Lifting – Coach Noal (
* Clean, Jerk, Snatch and associated training lifts.  We have a dedicated barbell group/club that also competes.  Weightlifting (or Olympic Lifting) is an incredible sport.  You do not need any experience to join the group, you just the desire to work hard and improve.

Powerlifting – Coach David (
* Bench, squat, deadlift and associated training lifts.  We have a dedicated barbell group/club that also competes.  One of the largest barbell teams in the Chicago area with loads of talent, record holders and an environment that is second to none.  If you want to get stronger (physically and emotionally) then join the team.

Strongman – Coach David (
* Kegs, logs, pulling, throwing, tires, yokes, sandbags and much more. Every Tuesday we meet for class at Defined Lincoln Square at 8p to work with all the strongman implements. The learning curve is crazy fast. Come join us.

CrossFit Games / Trodo Competitions – Coach Kevin (
* Trodo Open, competitions and upcoming events centered around CrossFit movements.  If you have a desire to compete in the CrossFit arena please let us know.  We will keep you up to date on programming, team training, and events.

CrossFit Mobility & Recovery Training – Coach Cara (
*Recovery Yoga, mobility and flexibility training, injury prevention and care, scaling for and around disabilities and pre and post natal training.

More to groups to come, but at this point, if you want to know more please contact each respective coach.  There are no skill levels or strengths you need to have prior to working with one of the above groups or coaches.  You just need to be motivated to learn and to improve.

– Team CFD