Gym Guide to Success (& Safety)

The other day in class an athlete walked about six inches in front of a lifter right before she was about to attempt a massive clean & jerk. A few minutes later I saw an athlete sitting on some bumper plates during a much-needed rest break. And then a poor little Apple iPhone Watch was put on the floor in the middle of a lifting zone.

It immediately dawned on me that this sort of gym etiquette is new to a lot of people. For many, Defined represents the first gym experience of any kind. Here is a go-to list for all athletes (new and experienced) to make sure you start off on the right track.

Coach David

1 – Show up on time for class. This is a huge one. Maybe the most important because it sets the tone. Enough said.
2 – Chalk stays in the chalk bucket. Do not write on the gym floor with it either.
3 – Please wipe down all equipment when you are done (even the whiteboards).
4 – When a lifter is getting set up for a big lift, don’t walk in front of them. It distracts their eyesight & focus.
5 – Always put your equipment away.
6 – iPhones and all refreshments don’t belong on the training floor. We have seen our fair share of squished telephones.
7 – Dropping 15#, 10# or 5# plates or an empty barbell is a bad idea.
8 – Sitting on bumper plates or the barbell is bad luck.
9 – If you change your shoes (or need to grab additional equipment), make sure you wait until the coach is done talking or explaining the workout.
10 – Ask questions. It is the greatest way to learn. And the coaches love this stuff.
11 – Meet new people. Share equipment with new people. Say “hello” to new people. You get the point.
12 – If you destroy the mirrors in the bathroom with water & soap. Wipe them down for the next user.
13 – Don’t be nervous to introduce yourself to a coach or gym training partner. Sounds like #11.
14 – Track your training progress. Especially strength numbers (example: back squat) and benchmark / named workouts (example: Fran).
15 – Stinky shorts & shoes make for a long hour for everyone. Check it.

This is a short list, but everyone will benefit from adhering to these simple rules. Happy training.