Murph Day – June 24th

What: Murph Day 2018

Why #1 of 3 – To celebrate Lincoln Square’s 5 Year Anniversary along with honoring and observing the end to an incredibly wonderful community as we close our Lincoln Square facility.

Why #2 of 3 – To host a potluck -style BBQ. Bring a dish to share (we will have MULTIPLE grills on site). Starting at 11:30am.

Why #3 of 3 – To do a tribute WOD done once a year to celebrate the heroic efforts of Navy Seal Lieutenant Michael Murphy and all the service men and women that support our country.

When: Sunday, June 24th; the 1st “Murph” heat will start at 7:00am. Every 45 minutes another group of 25 athletes will start. Registration is absolutely mandatory; do not show up late for your heat. Register here.

Where: CrossFit Defined Lincoln Square – 2750 W. Lawrence Ave. 60625

Who: All CrossFit Defined athletes are highly encouraged to participate, including the rookie ones, the veteran ones and everyone in between. This workout is a heat check in terms of mental and physical ability. The idea is to get very uncomfortable.

WOD Details: “Murph” – 1 Mile Run, 100 Pull Ups, 200 Push Ups, 300 Air Squats, 1 Mile Run for Time. We always suggest partitioning the reps by doing 20 rounds of the following: 5 X Pull-ups, 10 X Push-ups, and 15 X Air Squats.

Every 45 minutes we will start a group of 25 athletes to compete in the Murph Hero WOD. There will be scaled versions of the workout to fit every athlete, including a rowing-style version for those with running limitations. The workout is tough, but we encourage everyone to give it a try. There is no time cap, just work hard and get it done. Below are the options for the event:

#1 – Full Murph w/ weighted vest (20/14)
#2 – Full Murph
#3 – 1/2 Murph
#4 – Rowing Murph (1600m row in place of run)
#5 – Rowing 1/2 Murph (800m row in place of run)
#6 – Team Murph (teams of 2, split the work up)

Remember; this is supposed to be out of the ordinary. This is supposed to make you uncomfortable. One way or another everyone can do this.

Everyone needs to register for a heat so we keep things organized and so that we have enough room for everyone on the pull-up cage.

Please be ready to go 15 – 20 minutes prior to your heat. The coaches will be warming everyone up. The gym will be open at 6:30a on Saturday.


Get comfortable with being Uncomfortable.

BBQ Details: Bring a dish to share as Rx’d starting around 11:30a. Drinks, apps, meat, salads. . . bring anything to share. CFD will bring some beer, water, condiments, plates, silverware and meat to start the day, along with firing up a few grills for everyone to use. Refreshments, meat, appetizers, NorCal Margaritas, avocado ice cream, salads, entrees, burgers, steaks, shrimp ceviche, taco dip, donuts and anything else that strikes your fancy are all cool items to bring. Just make sure to bring something to share.

For further questions please contact us (


The CFD Team

For further questions please contact us. Register here.