Thankslifting & Swim Buddies

Earlier today (9.221.17) I sent out an email to all the registered lifters for our 4th Annual In-House Powerlifting Meet. I did not think about sharing this outside of the group at first, but then I realized the biggest part of this email was getting people to understand that the meet is not about big lifts or who can squat the most. It is about the experiences that go along with registering or committing to something that makes you scared.

Taka a peek at the email that was sent out below. Programming starts next week. Sign up. See what happens.

It’s all a win-win scenario people, and the worst thing that can happen is that you get stronger. Oh, and your body with burn through calories faster.

Good afternoon Strength Squad. I have a favor to ask all of you, something I’d like you to do today…

Currently, we have a few open spots left and programming does not start until next week. There are a lot of new faces signed up for the in-house meet, and I’d like all of you to recruit one person to train with. The one person you want as your “Swim Buddy” to go on this ride with–the one person you want next to you when you are about to hit sets of 10 on the squat or ride the assault bike with or do 6-pack ab accessory work with. Maybe it’s one person who can help you figure out how to put chains on the bar!

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of love, belonging, joy, courage, empathy, creativity, and growth.” – from my friend, B.B.

I started this whole powerlifting journey with my best friend, Travis Hoppe. We had a definite lag in training, and needed to get uncomfortable, not to mention our progress had stalled. Little did we know that it would change our entire outlook on training, fitness and what it was like to be held accountable to an end goal. Programming aside, the joking, the camaraderie, the stories, and just being at the squat rack together was what made the entire thing worth it. And it’s what we still reminisce about years later. Neither of us could tell you what we lifted that day, but we sure and shit can tell you stories about how awesome it was to train together and how scared we were the day of the meet.

I am not trying to sell you on the meet; you already signed up. But I am trying to share why I love the sport so much, and why I want you to recruit someone to be your Swim Buddy on this journey.

PS – if you are not on the Strength Cafe forum, please click here.

PSS – here is the sign-up link for Thankslifting. I did include a few people strategically on this email list that SHOULD be signed up. You know who you are.

David Sutor – Stunt Double, Role Model, Owner